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We specialise in wellbeing, mental health, mental health recovery and suicide first aid education and talks.

In the U.K 1 in 4 people will experience a common mental health related issues (such as anxiety or depression) every year. 

It is more important than ever to have a wellbeing strategy in palce for your business and have an understanding of  what mental health is and how you can minimise sickness absence due to poor mental health.

We help people stay happy and healthy at work, by raising awareness of the connections between physical and mental health while fostering safe, ethical and compassionate environments for individuals.

Your staff are your biggest asset and with a return of between £1.50 to £9 for every £1 spent you’ll be making a very wise investment.


The Importance Of Staying Well In The Workplace

We understand that talking about mental health can be uncomfortable, especially in the workplace.

Not knowing what to do or what to say for the best can often leave you saying nothing at all, in fear of saying something wrong.

It's why we've created three tailor made solutions to help almost every single person and organisation, from 'Wellbeing in the workplace' helping you and your colleagues stay well at work to Mental Health awareness (first aid) which will help you spot the signs and symptoms of poor mental health and empower you with the skills to support and signpost to professional services to Suicide First Aid 

The government report  Thriving at Work states,

 “Poor mental health costs UK employers between £33 billion and £42 billion every year“ 

Research shows staff with lower stress levels take fewer days off. They‘re also less likely to make mistakes, make better decisions and feel more motivated. Keeping staff well  a priority for any business owner, after all, your staff are your biggest asset.

Good mental health is the future for your workforce, but getting it right – and with integrity – is crucial. 

We understand this, and that’s why we help you.....

  • Appreciate the true value of your employees by providing them with tools to keep them happy and healthy

  • Make mental wellness as much of a priority as physical wellness within your workplace

  •  Devise genuine employee support strategies

  • Maintain workplace wellbeing as a long-term strategy 


Our Vision

To create a mental health service for organisations and businesses across the UK so that no employee suffers through lack of support. We believe that everybody has the right to a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Helping People Change Their Lives


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