The Emotional Fitness Game


What is eQuoo?

I have developed a partnership with the eQuoo psychology team and mobile app team.

How would it be if you could play a game on your phone/mobile device that is not only good for your mental health and relationships, but actually improves them?

Mindcanyon are proud bring an amazing free-to-download app designed to help improve your daily life in many areas.   


Evidence-Based Learning

By fusing evidence-based psychology, personal development and education with a fun interactive game, you can learn to improve your mental health and well-being in all areas of your life.

In a world where digital dating is overtaking face-to-face interactions, and ghosting has become the way to show you’re not interested, one thing hasn’t changed: the desire for a real and loving relationship. 

With eQuoo, the Emotional Fitness Game, you will learn the skills you need to be able to better connect and communicate with the people you really want in your life – backed by science, but while playing a game! Level up in eQuoo - and your love.


Where Can I Get It?

Click the link below for the free App

Download Here.