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Welcome To The Community

Mindcanyon has 26 Facebook peer support groups, one in each county of Britain, for those wishing to know more about Mental Health.

It's packed with information on a majority of mental health subjects, and is safe place for people wishing to discuss their Mental Health issues and concerns.

Mental Health can be a difficult subject for some to discuss in public, or with friends and family. It's why the group visibility is set to 'closed' for safety, security and privacy reasons.

You can join the group below.

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Our Mission

We believe that everybody has the right to a fulfilling and meaningful life, and with the right support should not have to suffer through Mental Ill Health.

Life can be challenging, so at Mindcanyon we’ve made it our mission to educate, support, encourage and help empower those facing Mental Health challenges.

We know no two people are the same; that’s why we are here to help you through your individual mental health journey.