Steve Carr Inspirational Speaker

If you're looking for a speaker to inspire and motivate you, your staff or audience, you've come to the right place.

You'll hear how: 

  • I took the holistic approach to beating a 25-year-long battle with addiction (whilst being in full time employment)

  • Lost everything

  • Became homeless

  • Survived no less than three suicide attempts

  • Recovered from several severe diagnoses of Mental Ill Health, all whilst walking Britain, living in a tent with just £100

Most people have difficulty when trying to explain what mental health is; the funny thing is we all have it.

I count myself very lucky. I've survived what most people would consider to be the things of nightmares.

Whist in recovery, I chose to raise awareness for Mental Health in the most awe-inspiring ways:


  • Walked from Swindon to Downing Street to deliver a report on my findings from the walk (70 miles)

  • Cycled 7 countries in Europe in 11 days, raising money for charity (1500 miles)

  • Cycled from Liverpool to Land's End, raising awareness for PTSD in 4 days (350 miles)

  • Cycled from Barcelona to Paris in 7 days, raising awareness for social isolation over Christmas (700 miles)

  • Cycled from Swindon to the Lake District for Mental Health Awareness Week 2016 (280 miles)

  • Ran up Snowdonia and Copper Mountain in 1 day raising awareness for ADHD (40 miles)

  • Ran to Buckingham Palace from Hungerford for World Mental Health day 2017 (70 miles)

  • Cycled to Buckingham Palace and back in 1 day for Mental Health week 2017 (140 miles)

  • Cycled to France in 4 days (385 miles)

  • Cycled non-stop for 11 hours for World Bipolar Day 2018

  • Created Steve Carr Mentoring

  • Created Mindcanyon the Business, delivering Mental Health workshops and talks

  • Created Mindcanyon Mental Health & Mental Fitness community with nearly 11k members

  • Qualified as a private pilot in under three years

I'll leave you feeling inspired, and make you want to ask me...

'How on earth are you still alive?!'

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